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The Collaboration on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE)
2008-2009 Survey of Pre-Tenured Tenure Track Faculty
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The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Survey, administered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a national survey designed to collect information from pre-tenured tenure track faculty on a range issues identified as critical to the success of early faculty. Specifically, this includes:

  • Tenure
  • Nature of work
  • Policy effectiveness
  • Climate, culture and collegiality on campus
  • Global satisfaction
  • The reports listed below provide background information about the project and detailed results, including comparisons of responses of NC State pre-tenured faculty to those at peer institutions, NC State females to males, NC State faculty of color to white faculty, and NC State results from the 2008-2009 COACHE survey to those from the 2005-2006 Survey.

    Reports prepared by COACHE

    Executive Summary(pdf document)

    Includes discussions on areas of strength and of concern, improving and worsening trends, and benchmark comparisons to other institutions.

    Final Report (pdf document)
    Complete final report prepared and provided by COACHE (270 pages) that includes:

  • Preface �Guide to your report� including an overview of the survey research design and methods
  • Population demographics, response rate, and weighting procedures
  • Peer institutions
  • Demographic profile of respondents
  • Executive summary of results
  • Data tables (means and frequencies [overall, by gender, by race/ethnicity, by academic discipline, NCSU change over time])
  • Responses to open-end questions
  • Questionnaire (download an MS Word version of the questionnaire)
  • List of participating institutions
  • Suggestions for action
  • UNC system-wide "local" questions (pdf documents)
    NC State results from custom questions asked of all UNC institutions (overall, by gender, and by race/ethnicity)
    NC State responses to UNC custom open-end questions

    Data and reports prepared by NC State

    Files prepared by Office of Institutional Planning and Research (using those provided by COACHE), the purpose of which is to provide the reader with more concise and user-friendly reports focusing on results for NC State.

    Project Summary
    Introduction, Research Methods, and Response Rates (MS Word document)

    A brief background on the COACHE study, an overview of the research design, and NC State response rates and a demographic profile of our participants compared to that of our COACHE peer group.

    Summary Report (MS Word document)
    Highlights of NC State results, including differences by gender and race/ethnicity and a comparison of findings from the 2005-2006 survey.

    Data Tables
    NC State, Peers, and All Compararable Participating Institutions: Overall mean ratings (Excel file)

    Peer group comparisons (overall, by gender, and race/ethnicity)
    NC State mean ratings compared to those of our COACHE peer group overall, by gender, and by race/ethnicity.

    Peer group comparison by discipline

    NC State mean ratings and frequency distribution for each question compared to those of our peer group and to all universities (aggregated) participating in COACHE, separately by academic discipline.

    Change over time

    NC State mean ratings from the 2008 COACHE Survey compared to those from the 2006 COACHE Survey, overall, by gender, and by race/ethnicity.

    Responses to Open-End Questions

    Dean's Council (December 16, 2010)
    Faculty Senate (January 25, 2011)
    Faculty Well Being Advisory Committee (April 21, 2011)


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    Posted: November, 2010