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2012 Incoming Freshmen Survey

This document lists survey questions and response options for the 2012 Incoming Freshmen Survey. To view frequency distributions of responses to a question, click on the question number.


1. How many colleges/universities did you apply to this year, including NC State?

2. After applying for admission to NC State, did you receive a phone call or phone calls from any of the following people? Yes No Don't know / Don't remember
a. An NC State faculty or staff member
b. A current NC State student
c. A graduate of NC State

3. After applying for admission to NC State, did you receive a letter from someone other than the admissions office?

4. To what extent did each of the following factors influence your decision to attend NC State? Very strong influence Strong influence Moderate influence Weak influence Very weak influence Not applicable
a. Academic reputation
b. Cost
c. Location
d. Size
e. Availability of program
f. Recommended by a friend, family member, teacher, counselor, etc.
g. Number of hours transferred/credited
h. Level of support for my intended major
i. Facilities and resources available
j. Scholarships/financial aid available
k. Pack Promise Program
  Very strong influence Strong influence Moderate influence Weak influence Very weak influence Not applicable
l. Campus visit prior to orientation
m. Contact with a current student
n. Contact with a faculty or staff member
o. Contact with a graduate
p. Letter from someone other than Admissions Office
q. Attendance at a College Fair
r. Publications from NC State
s. Extracurricular opportunities
t. Acceptance into the First Year College Program
u. Campus Recreation programs
v. Carmichael Complex Recreational facilities (e.g., gym, pool, fitness center, fields)
w. Other

5. Using the list from question 4, please select the single most influential factor in your decision to attend NC State.

6. In thinking about the various schools to which you applied (regardless of whether or not you were accepted), was NC State your first choice of colleges to attend?

7. How satisfied were you with each of the following: Very
Don't know/
Didn't use
a. The NC State University admissions process?
b. Your departmental admissions process?

8. Overall, how would you rate the NC State Virtual Advising Center Web site?


1. How much of your first year's educational expenses (room, board, tuition and fees) do you expect to cover from each of the sources listed below? None Less than $1,000 $1,000-
or more
a. family resources (parents, relatives, spouse, etc.)
b. your own resources (savings from work, work-study, other income)
c. aid that does not need to be repaid (grants, scholarship, military funding, etc.)
d. aid that must be repaid (loans, etc.)
e. other than above

2. Did you or your parents/guardians submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?

3. Please indicate what, if any, kind(s) of financial aid you are receiving. (Mark all that apply.)

4. How satisfied were you with the NC State University financial aid process (the process for applying for aid, not the award amount)?


1. How well do you think: Very well Somewhat well Not very well
a. your high school prepared you for college?
b. you prepared yourself for college?

2. What is your primary goal or objective for attending NC State?

3. How certain are you about your choice of a college major?

4. Below is a list of knowledge, skills, and personal development goals held by NC State for your undergraduate preparation. In the first column rate your current level of development of the goal, and in the second column rate how important the goal is to you.
General Education Goals CURRENT LEVEL
Writing effectively
Speaking effectively (i.e., to large and small groups and making presentations)
Listening attentively
Comprehending written and oral information
Creating and distributing information and knowledge using multiple communication forms, including text, video, graphics, etc.
Using mathematical skills
Applying scientific methods of inquiry
Using technology appropriately
Finding information using technology; and evaluating the value, reliability and validity of information
Ability to plan and carry our projects independently
Identifying a problem or concept and articulating its various components
Effectively analyzing and evaluating evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs
Creating and being open to new and worthwhile ideas and perspectives
Solving real world problems in ways that demonstrate imagination and creativity
The capacity to engage with and respond to creative works (e.g., plays, music, movies, dance, visual arts, and other arts), as creator, designer, performer, or audience member; and to evaluate their significance
Personal Development Goals CURRENT LEVEL
Recognizing and acting on ethical principles
Developing leadership skills
Working effectively as part of a team
Being involved in public and community affairs
Developing and sustaining an active and healthy lifestyle
Experiencing personal growth (e.g., self-discipline, responsibility, self-awareness)
Ability to handle stress
Time management
Ability to reflect, review, self-regulate, and self-examine
Taking responsibility for my own behavior
Potential for success
Viewing failure as an opportunity to learn
World View Goals CURRENT LEVEL
Understanding issues and problems facing the world
Understanding and respecting diverse cultures, values, and perspectives
Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
Sensitivity to issues associated with gender equity
Sensitivity to issues associated with racial equity
Appreciating differences in sexual orientation
Understanding the present as it relates to historical events and processes
Understanding the commonality of human problems through a global perspective


These first few questions ask you to think about the New Student Orientation program that you attended at NC State over the summer.

Note: The following question was for students in the colleges of AGI, CED, COE, CNR, CHASS, COM, and FYC only (automatically handled behind the scene)
1a. My advising session(s) at New Student Orientation helped me to plan my fall schedule.

Note: The following question was for students in the colleges of Design, COT, PAMS, and CALS only (automatically handled behind the scene)
1b. The information and advice I received from my college/department prior to attending orientation helped me to plan my fall schedule.

2. The advising session(s) at New Student Orientation provided me the opportunity to get answers to my academic questions. (If you would like to comment further, please do so in question 9 below.)

3. I am satisfied with the attention I received during my college/department advising period.

4. I know who to contact in my college with any academic questions or concerns.

5. New Student Orientation provided useful information about each of the following: Strongly
Agree Neither
agree nor
Disagree Strongly
a. How academic advising works
b. Academic requirements (ex. General Education Plan/Graduation Requirements)
c. NC State's expectation that students will graduate in a timely manner
d. Resources to help you get involved on campus if you wanted to do so
e. Safety and security on campus
f. Technology resources on campus
g. How to use the MyPack Portal to register for classes
h. The value of interacting with faculty and staff at NC State
i. Expectations for NC State community members to act with civility and respect

6. As a result of my experience at New Student Orientation, I am excited to start my first semester at NC State.

7. The information I received during Orientation helped me feel better prepared to start my first semester at NC State.


PLEASE READ THESE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Unlike ALL the other questions in this survey, the information you provide in this section is NOT confidential. We are asking these questions to pro-actively help you get involved at NC State. For any/all activities below in which you indicate an interest, we will share your name and contact information with the person(s) on campus responsible for that activity so that they can send you information about the activity. We will NOT connect any of your responses to other questions in the survey with the information we provide to these people.

1. In which of the following co-curricular programs/activities at NC State are you interested in learning about and/or participating? (Mark all that apply)

2. Do you play any musical instrument(s)?

3. Have you recently participated in a choral group in your school, community, or place of worship?

4. In which of the following pre-college programs did you participate? (Mark all that apply.)

5. Please indicate which, if any, of the following religious organizations at NC State you are interested in learning about and/or participating in. (Mark all that apply.)

6. What is your religious preference(s)? (Mark all that apply.)

Remember, we will share your contact information with the relevant offices for the activities listed above in which you have expressed an interest. No personally identifying information will be connected to your responses to any questions in any other sections of the survey.


1. Please indicate whether or not you will be bringing a desktop and/or laptop computer for your own personal use with you to campus this fall.

(please indicate what kind of operating system your computer has)
Don't know operating system Windows Linux Mac Other Please specify 'other' operating system
a. Desktop
b. Laptop

2. Will you be bringing a tablet (e.g., iPad) for your own personal use with you to campus this fall?

3. Will you be bringing a cell phone and/or smartphone for your own personal use with you to campus this fall?

4. Will you be bringing a television with you to campus this fall?


This final section of the survey asks you to provide us with a variety of information about yourself. Collecting data from all respondents on these questions is important so that we can better and more reliably report differences and similarities between people from different backgrounds.

We understand that you might be concerned about sharing some of this information. Please be assured that the responses you provide are kept completely confidential. Any identifying information will be separated from your answers. Results are reported using the average, or pooled answers to the questions, instead of the responses of any one individual. However, if you are uncomfortable answering a question, please feel free to skip it.

1. What is the highest level of education you plan to complete?

2. What is the highest level of education completed by your parent(s)/guardian(s)?
Father/Male guardian Mother/Female guardian

3. Which best describes the area in which you lived during high school?

4. What is your veteran status? (Mark all that apply.)

5. Do you self-identify as a member of the GLB (gay, lesbian, bisexual) community?

6. Do you self-identify as a member of the transgender community?

7. For the year 2010, what was the amount of your parents' or guardians' combined pre-tax income? Please try to answer even if you are financially independent.

8. What is the total number of people financially supported by your parents/guardians, including yourself and parents/guardians? (i.e., What is the size of your family household?)

9. How many of your parents' or guardians' dependents including yourself are currently enrolled in college?

10. During the time school is in session this coming year, about how many hours do you plan on working on- and/or off-campus?
On-campus Off-campus

11. How long do you intend to take to complete your bachelor's degree at NC State?

12. After graduation, where do you plan to seek employment?


In this last section of the survey we would like you to provide some information in your own words. You comments will be grouped with others talking about similar issues, and (after removing any personally identifying information) shared with the relevant offices on campus so that they may have a better understanding of how to make your time at NC State as productive and successful as possible. However, in asking you to share your comments we must also inform you that our promise to maintain your confidentiality does not apply where the university has a legal duty to act on the information you provide, such as reports of criminal activity or unlawful harassment.

For more information on the 2012 Incoming Freshmen Survey contact:
Dr. Nancy Whelchel, Associate Director for Survey Research
Office of Institutional Planning and Research
Box 7002
Phone: (919) 515-4184

Posted: October 2012

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