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2009 National Survey of Student Engagement
Table of Contents


Project Overview and Summary of Results
The Student Experience in Brief: Highlights of NC State Results (MS Word document)

Data Tables

NC State Results

Benchmark Categories by Academic Class and Discipline (Excel file)

All Results by Academic Class

All Results by Discipline (Click here for more information about how discipline was defined)

Trends: 2001-2009

Peer Comparisons
NC State results compared to aggregated results for participating large public 'very high activity' Research Universities, and for participating UNC system schools. 1

Results by Academic Class
Benchmarks (Excel files with dashboard displays summarizing NC State and peer comparisons for individual items in each category)

All Results

Results by Individual Disciplines (Click here for more information about how discipline was defined)
Benchmark Categories (Excel files)

All Results (Excel files with mean ratings and frequency distributions for all items)

Supporting Documents

NC State NSSE Peer Groups: Characteristics and Institutions
NC State NSSE Population and Respondent Characteristics and Response Rates
2009 NSSE Questionnaire

1. For a description of participating institutions, click here. (back to contents)

For more information about NC State results contact:
Dr. Nancy Whelchel, Associate Director for Survey Research
North Carolina State University
Office of Institutional Planning and Research
Phone: (919) 515-4184
For more information about NSSE contact:
Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research
Phone: (812) 856-5824

Posted: November, 2009

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