North Carolina State University - NSSE 2001 "Dashboard" Display

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NC State results are similar to the other groups for NSSE items not included in this table.
  NSSE 2001 Doc/Res Extensive Peer Group NCSU Predicted   NSSE 2001 Doc/Res Extensive Peer Group NCSU Predicted
  1st. Yr. Students   Seniors
Benchmark Category: Level of Academic Challenge                  
Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations                  
Number of assigned textbooks, books, or book-length packs of course readings                  
Preparing for class (studying, reading, writing, rehearsing, and other activities related to your academic program)                  
Institutional emphasis on spending significant amounts of time studying and on academic work                  
Benchmark Category: Active & Collaborative Learning                  
Asked questions in class or contributed to class discussions                  
Made a class presentation                  
Worked with other students on projects outside of class to prepare class assignments                  
Participated in a community-based project as a part of a regular course                  
Benchmark Category: Student Interaction With Faculty Members                  
Talked about career plans with a faculty member or advisor                  
Discussed ideas from your reading or classes with faculty members outside of class                  
Worked with faculty members on activities other than coursework (committees, orientation, student life activities, etc.)                  
Benchmark Category: Enriching Educational Experiences                  
Used an electronic medium (list-serv, chat group, Internet, etc.) to discuss or complete an assignment                  
Benchmark Category: Supportive Campus Environment                  
NSSE Items Not Included in Benchmarks                  
Quality of relationships with faculty members                  
Used email to communicate with an instructor                  
Institutional emphasis on helping you cope with your non-academic responsibilities (work, family, etc.)                  
Educational and Personal Growth in...                  
Acquiring job or work-related knowledge and skills                  
Writing clearly and effectively                  
Analyzing quantitative problems                  
Using computing and information technology                  
Working effectively with others                  
Time spent...                  
Working for pay on campus  
Working for pay off campus                  
Providing care for dependents living with you (parents, children, spouse, etc.)