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2011-2012 Graduating Senior Survey
Teacher Education Programs


All NCSU graduating seniors majoring in programs leading to Teaching Licensure are being asked to respond to the following questions. To answer a question, click on the bubble for the answer you are choosing. Once you have answered all the questions, you must hit the SUBMIT button at the end of the form to submit your answers.

1. What curriculum are you in?

2. What is your cumulative Undergraduate GPA?

3. What is your primary level of teaching interest?

4. What are your plans after graduation?

For your PROFESSIONAL courses in Education, Psychology and Methods, how would you rate the following: Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
5. Quality of teaching
6. Quality of clinical in-school experiences
7. Facilitation of your own professional development

For your PROFESSIONAL courses in Education, Psychology and Methods, to what degree were the following concepts discussed: Not at all Infrequently Somewhat frequently Extensively
8. Theories of human development
9. Classroom management
10. Learning theories, including constructivism
11. Assessment of learning
12. Inquiry/research skills
13. Cooperative learning and collaboration with colleagues
14. State standards for teaching
15. Professional development
16. Professional ethics
17. Instructional technology

To what extent did your PROFESSIONAL courses and clinical, in-school experiences (including 203/205/207, 310 and student teaching) enhance your ability to: Not at all Somewhat Sufficiently Very well
18. Foster classroom collaboration
19. Effectively develop a lesson plan
20. Foster intellectual development of students
21. Write effectively as a teacher
22. Manage behavior of students
23. Use instructional technology in the classroom
24. Establish equity in the classroom
25. Actively engage students in the learning process
26. Work with colleagues in your school
27. Work effectively with parents
28. Teach children from diverse ethnic backgrounds
29. Teach children with diverse academic backgrounds
30. Assess student learning

How well did the CONTENT courses in your teaching field (such as courses in science, history, foreign language, mathematics, English, etc) provide you directly or by example with: Not at all Somewhat Sufficiently Very well
31. Sufficient knowledge to teach your subject area
32. Teaching techniques for use with your students
33. Skills in instructional technology
34. Methods for teaching your specific content
35. Laboratory skills
36. Understanding of connections between your content field and other content areas

For courses in your CONTENT or teaching field, how would you rate the following: Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
37. Quality of instruction
38. Importance of the content to the content that is taught in the public school
39. Your instructor as a model for public school teaching
40. Techniques of teaching used by your instructor

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