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2011-2012 Graduating Senior Survey:
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
(Philosophy Majors Only)


The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is very interested in your opinions, and believes that as a graduating senior you can provide it with useful information to help evaluate and improve its programs. We appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions.

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1. As you think back on your overall educational experience in Philosophy, how satisfied are you with the education you have gained in this program?

Please indicate the extent to which you agree that your experiences at NCSU have helped you achieve each goal listed. Agree Tend to agree Tend to disagree Disagree No opinion
2. to present, explain, and evaluate arguments, suggesting alternative formulations or refinements
3. to construct, clarify, and present arguments in a way that facilitates analysis and criticism
4. to understand some central concepts from contemporary philosophical thought
5. to understand some central concepts from significant periods in the history of philosophy
6. to use philosophical knowledge and skills to address problems where the premises are unclear or implicit
7. to present philosophical arguments both in writing and in conversation
8. to analyze an issue, define key terms, and present clear, well-reasoned positions
9. to study a subject you find interesting

If you are getting a BS in Philosophy, please continue. Others, click here to skip to Question 12.

Please indicate how helpful each of these areas were in your BS in Philosophy. Very
Somewhat helpful Neutral Not very helpful Not at all helpful
10. Philosophy material in the Science/Technology courses
11. Science/Technology material in the Philosophy courses



14. Which other classes at NCSU did you find to be most valuable for your education? Why?





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