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2011-2012 Graduating Senior Survey:
Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics is very interested in your opinions, and believes that as a graduating senior you can provide it with useful information to help evaluate and improve its program. We appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.

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Please rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements about your experiences in the Department of Mathematics. Agree Tend to agree Neither agree
nor disagree
Tend to disagree Disagree Not applicable
1. My program included enough classroom presentations for me to gain good oral presentation skills
2. My program included enough written reports for me to gain good report-writing skills.
3. My program provided good training for the analysis and interpretation of data.
4. The coursework activities in my program as a whole required synthesis, creativity, and open-ended thinking.
5. Based on the quality of teaching and education I received in my program, I would recommend it to a friend.
6. Foundations of Advanced Mathematics, MA 225, should be a pre-requisite for Intro to Linear Algebra and Matrices, MA 405.
7. Foundations of Advanced Mathematics, MA 225, is a good pre-requisite for Intro to Modern Algebra, MA 407.
8. Foundations of Advanced Mathematics, MA 225, is a good pre-requisite for Mathematical Analysis I, MA 425.

9. If you could use any reference materials or software, indicate your level of confidence in your ability to complete each of the following tasks. Completely confident Somewhat confident Not very confident Could not
do it
a. Make a sound case as to the correctness of a given mathematical argument, explaining any problems that are found and suggesting ways to remedy the problems.
b. Generate correct and convincing proofs.
c. Present mathematics to peers in writing or with oral presentations.
d. Present mathematical arguments in a problem-solution format, both in writing and orally, for audiences of non-mathematicians who need to act on the solution to the problem.
e. Explain basic abstract algebraic concepts such as homomorphisms and quotient groups and rings.
f. Explain the mathematical meaning of limits, continuity, differentiability, and integration.
g. Given a matrix, diagonalize it.

10. Which of the following statements best describes how well you think your grades generally match your expectations?

11. And which of the following statements best describes how well you think your grades generally match your ability?


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