North Carolina State University
2011-2012 Graduating Senior Survey
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources


The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources is very interested in your opinions, and believes that you can provide it with useful information to help us evaluate and improve our programs. We appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.

To answer a question, click on the bubble for the answer you are choosing. Once you have answered all the questions, you must hit the SUBMIT button at the end of the form to submit your answers.

1. What is your major? (check only one unless a double major)

2. At what level did you start at NCSU?

3. Did you start out in your current major?

Looking back on your educational experience in Forestry & Environmental Resources, how satisfied are you with each of the following aspects of your education? Very Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Moderately Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied No Opinion/Does Not Apply
4. Your ability to utilize modern technologies
5. Your ability to work safely and capably under rigorous conditions in the field
6. Your ability to apply critical thinking to problem solving
7. Your advisor
8. Career and job placement services
9. Your Summer Camp or Practicum experience
10. Opportunities to improve your oral communication skills
11. Opportunities to improve your written communication skills
12. Preparation for your desired career after graduation
13. Preparation for graduate studies






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Thank you for your time and assistance!

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