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2011-2012 Graduating Senior Survey:
Department of Crop Science


The Department of Crop Science is very interested in your opinions, and believes that as a graduating senior you can provide it with useful information to help evaluate and improve its program. We appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.

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As seniors, you have completed the sequence of courses in the Agronomy Program. The faculty would like to receive your input concerning the effectiveness of the program.

Please rate each Crop or Soil Science course below: Not applicable
(did not take)
Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
1. CS200: Intro. Turfgrass Management
2. CS200L: Intro. Turfgrass Management Lab
3. CS210: Residential Lawn Management
4. CS211: Plant Genetics
5. CS211L: Plant Genetics Problem Session
6. CS213: Crops: Adaptation & Production
7. CS213L: Crops: Adaptation & Production Lab
8. CS230: Introduction to Agroecology
9. CS312: Grassland Management & Natural Resource Conservation
10. CS312L: Grassland Management & Natural Resource Conservation Lab
  Not applicable
(did not take)
Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
11. CS400: Turf Cultural Systems
12. CS411: Crop Ecology
13. CS413: Plant Breeding
14. CS414: Weed Science
15. CS414L: Weed Science Lab
16. CS 415: Agronomic Pest Management Systems
17. CS424: Seed Science and Technology
18. CS430: Advanced Agroecology
19. CS(SSC)440: GIS Ag & E
20. CS(SSC)462: Soil-Crop Management Systems
  Not applicable
(did not take)
Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
21. CS465: Turf Management Systems and Environmental Quality
22. CS(SSC)490: Senior Sem. Crop Sci-Soil Sci
23. CS492: External Learning Experience
24. SSC200: Soil Science
25. SSC341: Soil Fertility & Fertilizers
26. SSC342: Soil Fertility & Fertilizers Lab
27. SSC461: Soil Physical Properties and Plant Growth
28. SSC452: Soil Classification






Please evaluate the following areas in the Agronomy Education Program: Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
34. Content of the Crop or Soil Science courses
35. Quality of instruction
36. Appropriateness of assignments
37. Availability of instructors
38. Quality of advising
39. Availability of advisor
40. Faculty interest in individual students
41. Student activities (Agronomy/Turf clubs)

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