North Carolina State University
2011-2012 Graduating Senior Survey:
Department of Agricultural and Extension Education
(AEX concentration only)


As seniors who have completed your practicum, you have completed the sequence of courses in the Extension Education Program (AEX-Agricultural and Natural Resources Concentration). The faculty would like to receive your input concerning the effectiveness of the program.

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Please rate each of the professional education courses below: Excellent Good Average Fair Poor No opinion/
Does not apply
1. AEE 226: Computer Applications & Instructional Technology
2. AEE 230: Introduction to Cooperative Extension
3. AEE 311: Communication Methods and Media
4. AEE 323: Leadership Development in Agriculture
5. AEE 325: Planning and Delivering Nonformal Education
6. AEE 435: Professional Presentations in Agricultural Organizations
7. AEE 478: Extension as Non-Formal Education
8. EDP 304: Educational Psychology
9. AEE 423: Practicum in Ag Extension/Industry
10. AEE 490: Seminar in Agricultural Education



Please evaluate the following areas in the Extension Education Program: Excellent Good Average Fair Poor No opinion/
Does not apply
13. Content of AEE courses
14. Quality of instruction
15. Appropriateness of assignments
16. Availability of instructors
17. Quality of advising
18. Faculty interest in individual students
19. Student activities (AEE club)

Please evaluate the following items that relate to your practicum/internship experience. After completing the practicum/internship, how do you feel about your preparation of the following: Excellent Good Average Fair Poor No opinion/
Does not apply
20. Understanding of Cooperative Extension
21. Planning and delivering educational activities
22. Evaluating educational activities
23. Working with others (teamwork)
24. Working with adult clientele
25. Working with youth clientele
26. Working with volunteers
27. Leading groups and/or activities
28. Awareness of community issues
29. Managing time/setting priorities
30. Using computers and technology
31. Content knowledge in agriculture and natural resources

After completing the practicum/internship, how do you feel about the supervision during your practicum/internship: Excellent Good Average Fair Poor No opinion/
Does not apply
32. University supervisor (AEE department)
33. Supervising Extension Agent
34. County Extension Director (if different than #33)

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