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Academic Year 2007-2008 Student Surveys:
Summary of Question Items

Information on Table Layout:

-fy07 = Fall 2007 First Year Student Survey
-soph08 = Spring 2008 Sophomore Student Survey
-gss08 = Academic Year 2007-2008 Graduating Senior Survey
-UNC-GA required items are shaded.
-Numbers reported represent the survey question number.
-Differences in question wording are noted when relevant.

Question Categories:

Student Demographic Information Overall Assessment of Educational Experience
Financing the Undergraduate Experience Learning with Technology
NC State Education Plans Campus Climate
Post Graduation Plans Quality of Instruction
Employment While at NC State Knowledge, Skills, and Personal Development and Goals
Faculty-Student Mentoring Experiences Academic Support Services (Help Outside the Classroom)
Interests and Involvement Non-Academic Student Services
Application Process  

Student Demographic Information

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Father/Male guardian level of education 21_1    
Mother/Female guardian level of education 21_2    
Religious Preference 18    
Own a computer 22    
Parent/Guardian's Income 25    
Number in household 26    
Number of parent/guardian's dependents in college 27    
Area lived in during high school 28    
Number of colleges applied to 1    
Preparation by high school 9    
Preparation by self 10    
Participation in pre-college programs 20    
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Financing the Undergraduate Experience

  fy07 soph08 gss08
University financial aid process 8    
Receiving financial aid 23 33 17
Receiving academic-based aid 24_1    
Receiving financial need-based aid 24_2    
Receiving athletic-based aid 24_3    
Receiving aid based on other (dance, music, etc.) 24_4    
Receiving other aid 24_5    
Satisfaction with financial aid package   34 18
Satisfaction with financial aid reception staff   35a 19a
Satisfaction with financial aid phone staff   35b 19b
Satisfaction with financial aid advisor staff   35c 19c
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NC State Education Plans

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Certainty of major 11    
Highest level of education planned 13    
Reasons for less than 15 hrs. first semester 14    
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Post Graduation Plans

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Post-graduation employment 30    
Plans following graduation     50
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Employment While at NC State

  fy07 soph08 gss08
First semester employment 29    
Academic year employment   43 31
Hours worked per week on-campus   45a 33a
Hours worked per week off-campus   45b 33b
On-campus job related to academic major/ by choice   44a 32a
Off-campus job related to academic major/ by choice   44b 32b
Cooperative Education Program participation     27_1
Internship participation     27_2
Practicum participation     27_3
Student Teaching experience     27_4
Research with faculty experience     27_5
Residence Advisor experience     27_6
Summer employment or part-time job in major     27_7
Co-op/internship/practicum/field experience in major     28
Field exp. contribution to personal/prof. growth     29
Job offer from employer at field exp.     30
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Faculty-Student Mentoring Experiences and Contribution to Growth

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Worked on independent study project with faculty member   42a, 42a2 26a, 26a2
Worked on research project with faculty member   42b, 42b2 26b, 26b2
Worked on extension/public service project with faculty member   42c, 42c2 26c, 26c2
Assisted in teaching class/lab under guidance of faculty member   42d, 42d2 26d, 26d2
Met with faculty member who provided academic guidance   42e, 42e2 26e, 26e2
Met with facluty member who provided professional guidance   42f, 42f2 26f, 26f2
Met with faculty member who provided non-academic guidance   42g, 42g2 26g, 26g2
Worked on campus activities with faculty member   42h, 42h2 26h, 26h2
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Interests and Involvement

Interests and Involvement* fy07 soph08 gss08
Student Government 19_1 41_11 24_11
Social Fraternity/Sorority 19_14 41_10 24_10
Volunteer Services 19_7    
Co-op (Cooperative Education) program 19_5    
Student Leadership Development Program 19_4    
Student Judicial Board 19_2    
Music 19_22    
Fitness 19_10    
Indoor Recreation 19_11    
Intramurals 19_12    
Club Sports 19_9    
Service Groups   41_9 24_9
Intramural/Recreational sports, Club Teams   41_2 24_2
Outdoor Adventures 19_13    
Healthy lifestyle issues 19_19    
Student Dance Companies 19_26    
ROTC 19_8 41_8 24_8
Study Abroad/National Student Exchange 19_6    
Union Activities Board programs/activities 19_16    
Union Activities Board groups, Student Media   41_13 24_13
Student Publications/Media 19_15 41_12 24_12
Residence Hall Councils 19_3 41_7 24_7
The Crafts Center programs/classes 19_21    
Theater participation as audience 19_25    
Theater participation as artist 19_24    
Visual/performing Arts/Music groups   41_17 24_17
Attending art exhibitions 19_23    
Planning programs and services for children and families 19_20    
Gender issues 19_18    
Academic scholarship program   41_1 24_1
Organizations/Clubs related to your major   41_4 24_4
Varsity Athletic Teams   41_16 24_16
Minority student groups   41_3 24_3
Religious groups   41_6 24_6
Political/Issue groups   41_5 24_5
University Honors Program   41_14 24_14
University Scholars Program   41_15 24_15
Multicultural/Diversity programs/activities 19_17    
Pre-Law services/planning 19_27    
Musical Instruments Played 16    
Participation in choral group 17    
*Note: First Year: Interest in activity; Senior and Sophomore: Involvement in activity

Attended while at NC State: fy07 soph08 gss08
Music Department concert(s)     25_1
Center Stage performance(s)     25_2
University Theatre performance(s)     25_3
Dance Program concert(s)     25_4
Crafts Center exhibit(s)     25_5
Gallery of Art and Design exhibit(s)     25_6
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Application Process

Factors influencing decision to attend: fy07 soph08 gss08
Academic reputation 4_1    
Cost 4_2    
Location 4_3    
Size 4_4    
Availability of program 4_5    
Recommended 4_6    
Number of hours transferred 4_7    
Level of support for intended major 4_8    
Facilities and resources 4_9    
Scholarships/financial aid 4_10    
Campus visit 4_11    
Contact with current student 4_12    
Contact with faculty or staff 4_13    
Contact with a graduate 4_14    
Letter from someone other than Admissions 4_15    
Attendance at a College Fair 4_16    
Publications from NC State 4_17    
Extracurricular opportunities 4_18    
FYC 4_19    
Campus Recreation programs 4_20    
Other 4_21    
Most influential factor in decision to attend 5    

Admissions Process: fy07 soph08 gss08
University admissions process 6    
Departmental admissions process 7    
Received a call from faculty or staff 2_1    
Received a call from a student 2_2    
Received a call from a graduate 2_3    
Letter from outside Admissions 3    
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Overall Assessment of Educational Experience

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Intellectual environment on campus   47 45
Plans to complete degree   51  
Taken longer than 4 yrs to graduate     37
Wanted to/advised to take lighter courseload as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_1
Couldn't get classes needed as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_2
Changed majors as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_3
Lost credit when transferred as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_4
Co-op/intern/practicum/teach/etc. participation as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_5
Financial reasons for taking longer to graduate     38_6
Personal reasons for taking longer to graduate     38_7, 38_8
Graduating with more than one major/minor as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_9
Study Abroad participation as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_10
Time spent working for pay as reason for taking longer to graduate     38_11
Other reasons for taking longer to graduate     38_12
Would still choose to attend NC State   53 48a
Would still choose same major     48b
If off-campus degree program, likelihood of obtaining degree on UNC campus     49
Would recommend this institution to a friend     47
Ever consider withdrawal/transfer from NCSU   50 39
NC State meeting intellectual growth needs   54a 44a
NC State meeting career training needs   54b 44b
NC State meeting personal growth needs   54c 44c
Primary goal/objective for attending NC State 12   35
Extent accomplished goal/objective     36
Overall education at NC State   49 46c
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Learning with Technology

Technology used IN classroom or lab (for course)*** fy07 soph08** gss08*
Static e-presentation   55n_1, 55e_1 41n_1, 41e_1
Non-static e-presentation   55n_2, 55e_2 41n_2, 41e_2
Instructor demos of Web materials   55n_3, 55e_3 41n_3, 41e_3
Computerized exams/quizzes   55n_4, 55e_4 41n_4, 41e_4
Course specific software   55n_5, 55e_5 41n_5, 41e_5
E-feedback to instructor during class   55n_6, 55e_6 41n_6, 41e_6

Technology used OUTSIDE classroom or lab (for course)*** fy07 soph08** gss08*
Learning Management Systems   56n_1, 56e_1 42n_1, 42e_1
E-communication among students   56n_2, 56e_2 42n_2, 42e_2
E-communication with instructor   56n_3, 56e_3 42n_3, 42e_3
E-submission of work   56n_4, 56e_4 42n_4, 42e_4
Work to be prepared with word processor, spreadsheet, etc.   56n_5, 56e_5 42n_5, 42e_5
Digital content resources   56n_6, 56e_6 42n_6, 42e_6
Course-specific software   56n_7, 56e_7 42n_7, 42e_7

Extent to which all technologies have helped: fy07 soph08** gss08*
Answer questions in field of study   57a 43a
Solve problems in field of study   57b 43b
Use research methods to gain knowledge   57c 43c
Use info available from sources (books, journals)   57d 43d
Use skills/technologies of field to complete major assignment   57e 43e
*Refers to courses during junior and senior years
**Included on the web version of the survey only
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Campus Climate

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Campus support for women   38_1 21_1
Campus support for men   38_2 21_2
Campus support for African Americans   38_3 21_3
Campus support for other ethnic minorities   38_4 21_4
Campus support for international students   38_5 21_5
Campus support for students with disabilities   38_6 21_6
Campus support for gay and lesbian students   38_7 21_7
NC State committed to helping minority students succeed   39 22
NC State leadership fosters diversity on campus   40 23
Importance of a sense of belonging at NC State   36  
Experience a sense of belonging at NC State   37  
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Quality of Instruction

  fy07 soph08 gss08
Faculty Contributions: Set high expectations for you to learn   1 1
Faculty Contributions: Respect the diverse talents and ways of learning   2 2
Faculty Contributions: Encourage active learning   3 3
Faculty Contributions: Encourage student-faculty interaction   4 4
Faculty Contributions: Frequent and Prompt feedback   5 5
Faculty Contributions: Encourage sufficient time and energy to coursework   6 6
Faculty Contributions: Develop opportunities to learn cooperatively   7 7
Faculty Contributions: Care about your academic success and welfare   8 8
Faculty Contributions: General evaluation of instructors   9 9
Classes too large for learning   19  
Classes with difficulty understanding instructor's English   20  
Quality of instruction in major     46a
Overall quality of instruction   48 46b
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Knowledge, Skills, and Personal Development*

General Education fy07 soph08 gss08
Acquiring a broad general education 15_1    
Writing skills 15_2 21_1 20_1
Speaking skills 15_3 21_2 20_2
Listening skills 15_4 21_3 20_3
Comprehension skills 15_5 21_4 20_4
Ability to apply mathematical skills 15_6 21_5 20_5
Understanding how science and technology influence life 15_7 21_9 20_9
Ability to apply scientific principles 15_8 21_6 20_6
Enhancing analytic skills   21_7 20_7
Developing computer skills 15_9 21_8 20_8
Ability to adapt to changing technologies   21_11 20_11
Ability to critically analyze events, information and ideas 15_10 21_12 20_12
Ability to plan and carry out projects independently 15_11 21_13 20_13
Understanding diverse cultures and values 15_12 21_14 20_14
Using library/internet for research   21_10 20_10
Personal Development fy07 soph08 gss08
Taking responsibility for my own behavior 15_13 21_28 20_28
Viewing learning as a lifelong process 15_14 21_26 20_26
Recognizing and acting upon ethical principles 15_15 21_24 20_24
Leadership skills 15_16    
Ability to function as part of a team 15_17 21_23 20_23
Ability to lead or guide others   21_22 20_22
Exercising public responsibility and community service 15_18 21_25 20_25
Understanding my own abilities and interests 15_19    
Commitment to personal health and fitness 15_20 21_27 20_27
Having self-confidence 15_21 21_29 20_29
Realizing my potential for success 15_22 21_32 20_32
Sense of personal identity 15_23 21_30 20_30
Coping with change 15_24 21_33 20_33
Being independent and self-reliant 15_25 21_31 20_31
Ability to handle stress 15_26 21_34 20_34
Personal growth   21_35 20_35
Time management 15_27 21_36 20_36
Self-discipline 15_28 21_37 20_37
World View fy07 soph08 gss08
Understanding issues and problems facing the world 15_29 21_19 20_19
Understanding the present as it relates to history 15_30 21_20 20_20
Being able to interact and work with people from diverse backgrounds 15_31 21_21 20_21
Advancing your appreciation of the arts 15_32 21_18 20_18
Developing a tolerance for divergent views 15_33 21_15 20_15
Valuing gender equity 15_34 21_17 20_17
Valuing racial equity 15_35 21_16 20_16
*First Year: Rate 1) current level of development; and 2) importance. Senior: Rate NC State contribution to development.
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Academic Support Services (Help Outside the Classroom)

Orientation for new students fy07 soph08 gss08
Length of session   10a  
Quality of programs   10b  
Helpfulness of staff   10c  
Accomodations   10d  
Overall effectiveness of orientation   10e  
Academic advising fy07 soph08 gss08
Access to advisor   11a 11a
Sufficient time with advisor   11b 11b
Accurate info on req/course sequencing   11c 11c
Advisor knowledge of policies/procedures   11d 11d
Academic advising services overall   11e 11e
Virtual Advising Center Website   17  
Academic assistance or tutoring fy07 soph08 gss08
Writing   12a  
Reading   12b  
Mathematics   12c  
Study skills   12d  
Foreign language   12e  
Computer science   12f  
Science   12g  
Academic help overall   12h  
Research support fy07 soph08 gss08
Access to faculty involved in research     12a
Access to up-to-date facilities     12b
Opportunities to do undergraduate research     12c
Research support overall     12d
Library services fy07 soph08 gss08
Library hours of operation   13a 14a
Staff responsiveness   13b 14b
Access to databases and collections   13c 14c
Training to use library   13d 14d
Library services overall   13e 14e
Technology fy07 soph08 gss08
Access to the Internet   14a 13a
Hours of operation for computer center labs and help   14b 13b
Access to up-to-date facilities   14c 13c
Access to trained staff for help   14d 13d
Technology training classes   14e 13e
Technology services overall   14f 13f
Career-related services fy07 soph08 gss08
Opportunity for career assistance   15a 15a
Information on internships/co-op/other   15b 15b
Resources to explore career options   15c 15c
Information available through computers/Internet   15d 15d
Career-related services overall   15e 15e
Employment search assistance fy07 soph08 gss08
Resume preparation     16a
Interview preparation and skills     16b
Access to employment opportunities     16c
Employment search assistance overall     16d
NC State bookstores fy07 soph08 gss08
Bookstore services & products   16 10_4*
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Non-Academic Student Services* fy07 soph08 gss08
Campus food services   25a, 25b 10_8*
Campus health services   26a, 26b 10_9*
Campus counseling (not career) services   27a, 27b 10_10*
Campus residence life programs   29a, 29b 10_12*
Opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities   30a, 30b 10_13*
Opportunities to participate in community service projects   31 10_14
Opportunities to develop leadership skills   32 10_15
Campus taken sufficient steps to ensure safety   18 10_1*
Registration process   22a, 22b 10_5*
Financial aid services: application/award process   23a, 23b 10_6*
Financial aid services: disbursement process   24a, 24b 10_7*
Business services/cashier/student accounts   28a, 28b 10_11*
College/departmental placement assistance     10_3*
University Career Center     10_2*
*Evaluations of both the service area and staff responsiveness, where applicable
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Posted: May, 2008

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