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2002-2003 Graduating Senior Survey:
College Comparisons


This Web document points to tables reporting the frequency distributions of responses by college to questions in the 2002-2003 Graduating Senior Survey. You can use the index below to link to web tables of college comparisons by topic. Survey results for all respondents are provided in "2002-2003 Graduating Senior Survey: All Respondents." For information about the survey and analysis methods see "2002-2003 Graduating Senior Survey: Introduction, Methods, and Student Demographic Profile." Exact question wording is available on the web.

The number of seniors responding from each college varies widely. As noted in the introductory report on the survey's methods, both the actual number of respondents and the response rate effects the margin of error of the results reported. Table 1 below provides information on the number and proportion of students responding to the survey from each college, as well as the response rate and margin of error for the college. The margin of error in results reported for individual colleges in the 2002-2003 Graduating Senior Survey ranges from + 0.5 percent in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to + 10.3 percent in the College of Design. When looking at reported response distributions, it is important to keep the college margin of error in mind.

Table 1: Response Rate and Margin of Error by College (December and May Graduates)

Senior Class
Survey Respondents
Response Rate
Margin of Error
Agriculture and Life Science 649 17.8% 342 13.4%
Design 119 3.3% 40 1.6%
Education 82 2.2% 49 1.9%
Engineering 975 26.8% 724 28.5%
Natural Resources 171 4.7% 127 5.0%
Humanities and Social Science 786 21.6% 674 26.5%
Physical and Mathematical Science 164 4.5% 98 3.8%
Textiles 131 3.6% 68 2.7%
Management 562 15.4% 421 16.6%






Response Rates by Semester

Index of Results of College Comparisons by Topic

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For more information on the 2002-2003 Graduating Senior Survey contact:
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Posted: September, 2003

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