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2012 Alumni Survey

NC State conducted its triennial survey of alumni during the Spring of 2012. Alumni who received a bachelor's degree from NC State between Summer 2006 and Spring 2009 (N=12,562) were asked to participate in the online survey. The final sample excluded those alumni whose mailing addresses was either unknown or classified as undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service (1,173, or 8.4%, of the 12,562 baccalaureate alumni). A total of 2,856 surveys were completed, for a response rate of 25.1 percent.

Alumni are very satisfied with the undergraduate education they received at NC State... More than 90 percent of respondents say the undergraduate education they received from NC State was either "very strong" or "strong" and that they would recommend NC State to a friend. Eighty-six percent say they would still choose NC State again if they were starting over.

NC State alumni pursue advanced degrees, and feel well prepared for their graduate/professional school studies... Over 40 percent of respondents have attended graduate/professional school, with over one-third of them doing so at their alma mater. Honors and awards are not uncommon, with more than one-half of respondents who attend receiving some type of scholarship, honor, award, or assistantship while in graduate/professional school. More than 85 percent of those who are or were enrolled in graduate/professional school say they received "excellent" or "good" preparation through their program of study at NC State for their continued studies.

NC State alumni get jobs after graduation, and feel well prepared for them... Three-fourths of NC State graduates who sought employment had a full-time permanent position either before or immediately upon graduation (46%) or within six months after graduating (28%). Three-fourths of currently employed alumni are working in areas either "directly" or "somewhat related" to their major field of study while at NC State. More than three-fourths of respondents reported either "excellent" or "good" preparation by NC State for both their first job and their current position, and 90 percent agree that their NC State education prepared them to be competitive with graduates from other institutions.

While alumni believe that NC State has done well in meeting a wide range of goals related to their undergraduate education, there is room for improvement... Large majorities of respondents are very satisfied with the extent to which NC State helped them develop numerous skills related to communication, critical and creative thinking, professionalism, general education, and diversity and global awareness. However, there are difference in the extent to which alumni feel they were prepared, and how important several particular skills are to them in their current profession and/or personal lives. Specifically, communication skills overall, adapting to changing circumstances, developing and sustaining an active and healthy lifestyle, keeping current with skills/knowledge in my field, and conducting work activities in an ethical manner are all rated notably higher in "importance" than in "preparation".

Alumni reap benefits from experiential and extra-curricular programs available at NC State. Close to two-thirds of alumni received work-related experience at NC State, such as through a cooperative education program, internship, or research, and almost 90 percent of them say the experience had a positive impact on their career. Twenty percent had an international experience through an NC State Study Abroad or service trip, with a majority of those participants saying the experience did "a great deal" to help them better understand world problems and issues and to better appreciate diverse perspectives and different cultures. Over 60 percent participated in a community service or service learning project while an undergraduate, something that three-fourths of them agree had a positive impact on their commitment to helping to improve society.

Alumni believe it is important to stay connected to NC State, but not all feel as connected as they would like... Almost three-fourths of the alumni respondents say it is "very" or "moderately important" for them to feel connected to NC State, but only slightly less than half of all respondents say they currently feel either "very" or "moderately connected" to the University.

For more information on the 2012 Alumni Survey contact:
Dr. Nancy Whelchel, Associate Director for Survey Research
Office of Institutional Planning and Research
Box 7002
Phone: (919) 515-4184

Posted: July, 2012

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