The Fall 2019 Enrollment Report has information on headcount enrollment for North Carolina State University and for each college and department. Headcount enrollment means that a student is counted only once. At the university level there are reports for total enrollment, regular on-campus enrollment and distance education enrollment. The sum of on-campus and distance education enrollment will not equal total enrollment because a student is counted only once in total headcount enrollment but may be enrolled in both on-campus and distance courses.

This report includes several tables showing dual majors by college and by department. The dual major tables are indicated with a number and DM (ex. Report C1_DM). The College dual major reports are unduplicated within college. The department dual majors include all dual majors as noted on the registration files at census. If you have questions about this report please contact the Institutional Strategy and Analysis at 919-515-2776

Source of Information File:
SDFX: Student Data File Extended- UNC-GA requires that NC State submit a file of all students enrolled at the close of the census date. This is considered the official enrollment for a given semester. NC State extends this file by adding college, department, and curriculum information. Beginning fall 1998, regular term and distance enrollment were submitted in one file.

Institutional Strategy and Analysis
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